Hey is for horses

I was stood up Monday.

Maybe I’m a bit more optimistic than most, but I wasn’t aware this still happened. Being stood up isn’t quite the same as being flaked on. I flake on people all the time. (Sorry!) But I only do it in situations where I’m not the only other person showing up, I’d never (ok, maybe) leave someone all by their self only because I was too lazy to go out. Which more times than not is why I flake.

Some dude had reached out to me on OkCupid and we had been messaging back and forth for a bit. He seemed to get my humor and even had a bit of his own so I didn’t have to think twice when he asked for my number. Once I did give him my number it was non-stop texts from him. Eventually he asked if and when we could meet up. The whole point of me even being on these stupid (sorry) sites is so that I could meet people so I’m not exactly going to turn away the very few people I actually think are decent.

He was going to be out of town Tuesday-Friday (allegedly) so he was really pushing to meet Monday. I usually ask to meet somewhere local and filled with people to avoid a few things, 1)being stood up and 2)being murdered. I’m joking about that last one but only slightly.

A week before similar situation had happened. Different dude, different site. He was supposed to meet up with me and some friends. He didn’t make it but I didn’t bat an eyelash because I was out having a good time regardless. In that case I don’t consider it being stood up. He just flaked. He did manage to tell me he wasn’t going to make it beforehand so there’s that too.

So anyway, I agree to meet up with this dude and the texting continues. Then come Monday around midday the dude just up and vanished. Poof! Gone. Didn’t hear back from his that night or the rest of the week.

I never had an address to meet him at so technically I never even left my house. But being stood up still sucks. I felt like I was 15 all over again. I held a pity party for all of 5 seconds and then went on about my life.

Romeo may have been incredibly handsome, intelligent, funny, and some other things but there’s so many other dudes out there. According to the dating site stats, thousands! Lol

Well now it’s Friday and lo and behold, guess who decided to send me a message again.


Wait, I’m sorry, let me correct that.


Can’t forget the exclamation point. That changes everything!

Haha hey yourself man!

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