Nature’s Bed Sheets

Sex isn’t always limited to a bedroom. Sometimes it just happens. I like to think I’m pretty vanilla sometimes but I guess maybe not as much as I think. So here’s a random compilation of where stuff has happened. This is what I remember.

  • I once got fingered at a busy transit station. Wasn’t wearing a dress. Kudos to that dude’s MacGyverness.
  • Sex on the beach, because duh.
  • Hand jobs/Road head don’t even count at this point. If they did I’d have to include a map.
  • Backseat of the car, again because duh. However, a few times it was broad daylight and maybe even one of those times was in front of my mothers house.
  • Rite-Aid pharmacy parking lot – a girl once went down on me in the backseat of mt friends car annnnd I once rode a dude while my friend was standing next to the car. Same parking lot. Sorry!
  • Corn maze during the day, and there may have been groups of people actively going through the maze at the time.
  • Some picnic tables over by a major park/lake.
  • I once gave a guy a bj in the backseat of my friends car, while he was sitting in the front seat. He definitely tried to join in but the dude wasn’t having it haha.
  • Unisex bar bathroom
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