Talking to 5 dudes at once is totally ok right?

I don’t get “dating,” I really just don’t understand what the whole concept of dating is. I get being exclusive and being in a serious relationship. But dating? If I see someone a few times, does that suddenly mean we’re dating? Does having sex with somebody mean you’re dating? If so, I guess I’ve dated a lot more people than I thought.

Even before the recent onslaught of men that online dating has exposed me to, I’ve never been one to keep guys around for more than a few weeks. Because all these dudes have a fair amount of women to choose from as well, make that a few days.

For this reason I have always had the horrible habit of keeping more than 1 around at any given time. I don’t think I can remember a time when I entered a relationship and didn’t have a few numbers I had to get rid of and would occasionally still get steamy messages well into the relationship.

I don’t condone cheating so for the most part, I’d ignore the messages until they went away on their own. This past year I’ve actually done pretty good and managed to slowly get away from all of that.

Until I started Tindering.

In about a month I had garnered about 300 or so matches. Getting bored of it, I erased my account and signed up for OkCupid and PlentyOfFish instead. Of course, that only lasted for a few days and I eventually reinstated my Tinder account. I’ve had it for about a week now and I’m back at like 100 matches.

So from these 3 sites, at any given day I could be talking to anywhere from 1-6 dudes. I’m not talking about the usual “Hey” or “What’s Up,” I mean like full on texting/let’s meet up later.

The way I see it these dudes will eventually get bored (see: Why I don’t send nudes), run out of ways to tell me how badly they want to fuck me (see: You want me to do what?!), or realize that I’m actually looking for someone I can hold a conversation with.

There’s a few of these dudes that I could actually take serious but I don’t even bother trying because I just can’t bring myself to care or to actually put in any effort (see: Forever alone).

I’m not exactly secretive in my ways, a few of them know about the other “dates” I go on.

Hahaha I’m sorry. Even just typing date is ridiculous. In my head a date is basically “meeting up with someone to make sure they’re not crazy so you can have sex knowing you won’t end up in their trunk.”

I’m not trying to be wooed here, but if I’m talking to all these dudes I can only assume that they’re using al their charm, or lack thereof, on a few other people as well.

Once things start getting semi serious, you know when I decide to actually start using these peoples real names instead of guy #1 or guy #2, then I’ll stop with all the extras.

Can’t get rid of all the body doubles till I know for sure the main dude can actually pull through lol.

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