I just can’t

This ladies and gentlemen is why I was so went from incredibly upset to livid in just a matter of minutes after the whole incident happened.

And even in reading these texts I know that some of you will agree with what he’s saying and say that it was and is my fault.

Thanks society!

Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-40-23_1     Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-40-15_1       Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-40-08_1   

The following day:

Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-39-58_1        Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-39-52_1       Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-39-45_1     Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-39-37_1     Screenshot_2014-04-27-12-39-30_1

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