Taco Tuesday

Usually every Tuesday of every week, people go out and enjoy cheap drinks and tacos for no other reason than it’s Tuesday. For the past 3 weeks now I’ve unintentionally set up dates with a new OkCupid/Tinderfolk.

Two weeks ago didn’t go so bad. The date itself tanked fast but I guess that was the dates way of leaving sooner so he could invite me back to his place. I obliged. Date saved.

One week ago I was supposed to meet up with Romeo and was stood up. Again. I ended up at the same dudes house as the week before.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, I have a date with a new Tinderfolk. I say new but in reality I erased my account about a week ago. He’s just the last guy I gave my number to before I went off the grid. He seems pretty cool so far, and by pretty cool I mean he hasn’t once asked me if I’d let him piss on me or sent me a dick pic. Hoping tomorrow doesn’t tank but if it does I have a feeling I know where I’ll end up after.

Here’s to giving Taco Tuesday a whole new meaning.

Extra spicy, anyone?

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