Am I an asshole?

Don’t answer that.

So yesterday’s date didn’t tank. Wooohooo for that, 10 points to Gryffindor! It went pretty smoothly actually, a lot better than I expected but then again I was expecting a disaster.

Word to the wise y’all, always set your expectations incredibly low so you’ll be amazed instead of disappointed lmao.

Anywhoo, at some point through the night Tinder came up. Well of course it would, how the hell would I have even been on this date had it not been for Tinder. Meh.

There’s no need for me to ever lie or to stop and think that maybe everyone doesn’t care to be privy to my dating habits. When asked about how many dudes I was talking to or had talked to, I gave a number.  Here’s the thing though, I’m not even “talking” to most of the dudes anymore. I haven’t completely stopped, they still text me from time to time, “Lemme see that ass babygirl!” or the occasional 10 p.m. “Wanna come over?”

Though I’m not exactly jumping in my seat to “suck that huge, veiny cock” I can’t say I’ve discouraged any of the incoming texts. In my head so long as I’m not texting these dudes anymore should mean that I’m not interested. And because I don’t want to seem rude, I obligingly respond when I do get a message. C’mon guys, manners!!!! Haha

Anyway, when telling the dude all of this last night, he asked why I wouldn’t just bother cutting them all loose, why keep them around if I wasn’t planning on hanging out with them ever.

Cue me, looking around while I mutter under my breath, “…Because I’m a horrible person….I like to have options….like a Plan D or E.”

Probably not the best thing to say someone you’d potentially like to continue dating.

Whoops, looks like I may be back on Tinder quicker than I thought.

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