Bad Luck Betty

I’ve been stood up again. Not once, but twice. Again.

This is the second dude who has made plans with me and then gone MIA the day of. First dude did it within a week. Pffft second dude kicked it up a notch and did it within days.

I know, I know. Why the hell would I make plans with a guy AFTER he’s already stood me up before? Because apparently I’m an idiot.

As it is, I’m already extremely cautious guarded when getting to know dudes and after each dude it’s like security level goes up a notch. Offputting for some but I can’t effing help it if each dude seems an even better fit than the one before only to stand me up even worse than the one before him.


I’m not the type of girl to sit around and play mind games or even hard to get. I’m a woman goddammit. I wouldn’t bother wasting my time or anybody else’s if I truly didn’t think I’d like to get to know the person.

Not everyone feels this way I guess. What’s the point of laying on the charm and trying to woo a girl only to fall off the face of the earth a few days later?

I wonder. Do people keep tabs of how many people they lead on? Is there some underground club I’m unaware of? Well besides the one where the whole mission of the club is to seek me out, lead me on, and stand me up. I’m sure membership in that club is thrivvving. You’re welcome lol.

I’m not mad even though I’m sure it seems that way.

It’s frustrating but what are you gonna do? I think I get more upset at the fact that I’ve gotten ready and ended up with nowhere to go. Who’s going to admire my shiny hair now dammit?! Hahaha

I tried downloading Tinder again last night. That lasted all of 1 hour. I’m not some scorned woman whose swearing off men. I quite enjoy them actually. I’m just over the superficial conversations. And I’m lazy lmao. Too lazy to put in any effort at the moment.

On the plus side, a few strays have wandered back. Guys I had stopped messaging have all started surfacing again, on their own. It’s like they smell the failed attempts and have sniffed me out.

At this point in my life I would much rather an intellectual conversation, random adventures, and unfiltered intimacy with one person rather than endless drinks, feigned interest, and 4 am check outs with a revolving door of randos. But hey, what are you gonna do?

To the dudes who’ve stood me up, cheers, I aint mad at ya.


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2 thoughts on “Bad Luck Betty

  1. thenarcissistwrites

    Hahaha, great picture. And sucks about the assholes who stood you up… Who knows, maybe they had legitimate reasons. Don’t give up 😛


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