Honey bunches of oats

Papi. Big Daddy. Baby. Babe. Honey. Babydoll.

I can’t bring myself to say any of these with a straight face. It just seems so silly to me. Maaaaaaaaaaaybe in the heat of the moment I could maybe say one of these, but it would probably be in someones ear.

I bring this up because one of the guys I’m talking to keeps using a few of these. Sure, I’ve played along and used them back but it’s all fun and games right. He doesn’t expect me to use them in public does he?

The only semi pet name I’ve ever been comfortable using is lover or almost lover. And I never use it in some sort of romantic come hither way. I use it the same way I would use someones name. Of course, I’m really bad with names so this is probably why I opt for lover instead.

Pet names can be cool sometimes. I mean, the first time this dude called me babygirl I will admit, I blushed a bit. Not because I suddenly turned 13 and started giggling but because it was unexpected. However, when names are thrown around so often they start to lose meaning, no bueno.

There’s a Mexican saying “Las mujeres se enamoran por el oido y los hombres por los ojos,” that means women fall in love through their ears and men through their eyes.

For the most part, 99.9% of what any guy tells me will go in one ear and right out the other. However I must admit that there are certain things a man can tell me that will instantly turn my legs to jello. It’s not only what they say but the tone in which they say it. It’s ridiculous when I sit here and think about it but what are you gonna do?

A pair of ear muffs in pink, please.


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