Slow and steady wins the race

Or in my case, slow and steady drives me absolutely nuts. I have the patience of a raging bull at a bullfight. I’m ok the first few seconds but after that, it’s all chaos.

It’s funny because I was taking to a guy this morning. Yes, a Tinderfolk. Yes, one I’ve slept with. We’ve kept in touch and just share our war stories at this point. Anyway, I was telling him about my patience and the first thing he says is, “That’s funny. You seem super chill and laid back.”

And for the most part, I am. Until something with potential comes along. Be it a job, an amazing opportunity, a travel adventure, or in this case, a man.

We’ve already determined the uncertainty I was feeling and I can say it’s still there. Not as strong as before, but definitely still there. I really like this new guy and it seems like he likes me too. But OH EM GEE is everything going at a freaking snails pace. I am SO not used to this.

We’ve seen each other three times now. Much better than any other Tinderfolk and probably a hell of a lot better than dudes I meet in real life as well. Here’s the thing though, we didn’t even kiss until the last time we saw each other. Yeah there was sex too but up until then, there hadn’t been anything else. I’m fine with that, that’s great that I’m weighing more than just this guys dick size.

But here’s where my patience starts to run thin. We don’t talk daily. And when we do talk, it’s real basic. I’m not expecting an effing biography every time we text but it doesn’t help me at all in knowing what the hells going on.

Although it may seem like anything but, I’m actually very monogamous when I need to be. Well, 99.9% of the time. I don’t like starting anything new while I still have pending sexcapades, just not my style. So when I see potential in someone or something, I slowly start to rid myself of the excess guys and sex.

So I’ve done that.

Ok, well there’s one guy that still texts me a bit but it’s real basic stuff, no sexytalk or leading him on. Besides, I think he has an idea that I’ve got something else going on anyway, we just haven’t gone in to details.

Anyway, so no more Tinderfolk. No more Tinder. For me anyway. He still has his account. Yes, yes, I know. All bad. But you can’t expect someone to shut it down just because you guys have had sex. I keep erasing my account because the people that decide to message me are complete idiots.

So here’s my dilemma. This in between stage is where I start to get antsy. Why did I get rid of all my Tinderfolk if it wasn’t bothering anyone? I’m single so does it really matter who I’m sleeping with so long as I’m being safe? Even then, if I decided to have unprotected sex, whose business is it but my own? But then again, I don’t want to be an asshole and then tell some guy I’ve been sleeping with that I’m suddenly seeing someone, or vice versa.


It’s not the not-knowing that gets to me. It’s having to keep it in my pants that does. Anyhow, I’ve decided that I’m not going to stir the pot and I’m just going to let things be. Everything will figure itself out eventually anyway. In the meantime I just wont go out of my way to see any new bed sheets.


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