Drunk in love

Nope. Just drunk.

I went out last night. Nothing out of the ordinary at all considering I pretty much used to live at the bar. Any bar. I don’t go out much anymore and every time I do go out, I remember why.

I’m a bit much sober. Add alcohol to the mix and I’m more than anybody could have ever hoped for. Life of the party? Pfffft I am the party.

My body doesn’t seem to care for alcohol anymore and reminds me of this any time I drink. See: weekly.

I don’t mind at all actually, I’m over going out and drinking like there’s no tomorrow anyway. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case once I’ve started drinking. As soon as I’ve got any sort of alcohol in my system, I want more.

Here’s the thing though, when I drink I get horny. What normal person doesn’t? It’s been a while since I’ve made it a sport to keep as many guys as I can on standby. So what was the first thing I thought about doing as soon as I got liquored up enough? Have sex, duh!

I tried texting the dude from this weekend first, obvs, but I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday so I’m assuming that whole thing is out the window. So then I did what any other person would do and texting every single effing guy whose number I had. How I managed to have a semi decent conversation without having every text read, “heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey whats uuuuuuuuuuuup” is beyond me.

I had forgotten how much of a hot mess I can be when I’m drunk. I texted a few Tinderfolk for the majority of the time I was at the bar and some dude I used to talk to and have sex with before. I even managed to get a few nudes, thanks guys! Lol

When that wasn’t enough to satisfy my needs I ended up finding some rando at  the bar to make out with. And then I documented it all on my friends phone. Whoops. We were at a gay bar so I dont even know if the gay was gay or straight. Doesn’t matter anyway.

No, I’m not fazed at all by what I did. I’ve done far far worse things sober.

For once, I’d like to just keep it in my pants though.

Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha just kidding.


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