There you are!

So I’ve been sort of MIA this past week or two. Sowwy! I just need some time to deal with my feelings. Ugh. *shudder*

If you’ve been following me at all you might have seen that I was maybe sort of partially falling for the last dude I picked up online. That sounds so incredibly horrible. Things have been all over the place and I was never really sure what was going on with him so I put some distance between us. As of yesterday, we’ve sort of started talking again. I brushed my feelings off, I’m good.

Instead of posting some adolescent ass tween posts like, “OHMYGAWWWWWD YOU GUIIIIIISE I’M LIKE TOTALLLLLLLY INTO HIIIIIIMMMMMM ❤ ❤ <3”  I figured I’d just stay the fuck away from the interwebz until that shit passed.

Am I the only one that turns into a 13 year old girl every now and then? Usually I’m quite calm and collected but then I’ll slip up and that headgear wearing teeny bopper comes out raging and makes me look like an idiot. I didn’t date a whole lot growing up so I don’t know if that’s the cause for it or if hormones & emotions just fuck every grown ass women up every so often.

I’m not ashamed, shit happens, what are you gonna do?

I’m back on OkCupid. I keep forgetting I’m on though so I don’t pay much attention to it and then when I am on I don’t even look at matches, I just answer questions to boost my numbers. It’s a numbers game and I want to have the highest views hahahaha. I think I’ve messaged one person and ignored just about every message that has been sent my way. And before you go and tell me about the people that are actually taking online dating seriously and all that jazz, don’t worry. The folks that really do want to find “love” or whatever are probably on the sites that make you pay a premium, safe from me haha.

Anywhoo. Just wanted to give you all an update. I wasn’t eaten by dinosaurs or anything, although I wouldn’t mind being eaten at this point. It’s been a while. And by while I mean like a month. Sad panda.

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