Daddy day care

My newest attraction it would seem, is dudes in their 30s with kids.

I’ve always thought seeing a single dad around the way was hot. They just look so helpless and the fact that they’re trying makes me just want to rip their clothes off and mount them. Not around the kids of course. I’ve just never pursued any dads. Or “men.”

For me, the thought of a man isn’t based on what society says a man is but rather, their look and age and ruggedness I guess.

There’s this bouncer at a bar I frequent and since the day I first saw him, I thought he was attractive. This dude was definitely a man. Someones dad. Not some boy, guy, dude, or manchild.

This weekend I was at the bar and after hanging with the unblessed dude (see: Tweezers) I went back to the bar a little frustrated and horny. I looked at the bouncer and thought, why not. I walked over and tried to be coy. Coy isn’t exactly my style so that lasted all of 2 seconds before I told him I thought he was hot, wanted to go home with him, and kissed him.

He’s 39, single, and the father of twins.

After making out a few times I gave him my number and have to admit I was a bit bummed when I didn’t hear from him the next day. Oh whoops, the next day was Fathers Day. This dude wasn’t out celebrating HIS dad, he was out being celebrated.

I finally heard from him Monday and have been texting him ever since. I initially thought I’d just text him to meet up with him late one night to have some ravenous sex. Turns out we have a date Friday.

This dudes beard is like 80% gray. He’s closer to my dad’s age than he is mine. And I’m going out on a fucking date with him? When the fuck did my tastes include fucking men who are more worried about their cholesterol levels than their Saturday night plans?!

As if that wasn’t enough, I just started talking to another dude from OkCupid who is mid-30s and has THREE kids, two of those who also happen to be twins!

I tried messaging some other super hot single dad on OkC but all I got was a “thanks.” Pffffft.

I don’t know if this is just some weird phase I’m going through or as my sister said, “I’m that desperate.” Lmao I’m all for messing u psome sheets with all of these fine gentlemen, but it’s the being out in public together and seeing the kids that’s freaking me out a bit.

These are grown ass men! Shit, I live at my moms house and for the most part, hang out in Hello Kitty pajamas all day.

I don’t know how all this is gonna go down but stay tuned. Please do not let this end in me driving a minivan around and spending my weekends at Costco.

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