Quantity vs Quality

Last post today I swear.

So since I’ve stopped talking to the ahole of a dude, I’ve gone back to my carefree ways. A little too carefree considering I thought about trying to go out on a date and sleep with a different dude each day this week. I totally could if I wanted to. BUT I won’t.

Anywhoo, so I’ve gone back to talking to more dudes than I know what to do with. My theory. What I do in my life is no ones business but my own. If any of the dudes I’m talking to would like to know about my dating habits I have nothing to hide and will gladly tell them.

I’m not sleeping with anyone on the regular so it’s not like I’m sleeping around. Even so, I wear a rubber each time. Wait, I’m not the one with the dick but you know what I mean.

The minute I sense some seriousness with any of these dudes, I’ll stop talking to all the others. Hell, I’ll even get rid of my Tinder and OkCupid accounts. Granted, I do realize that maybe why I’m still single IS because I do this shit buuuuuuut whatever.

I’m just worried that at one point I’m going to be out with one and run into another. I’d introduce them to each other and probably still get away with seeing them both simultaneously.

God, this is going to get me in trouble.

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