Sooooo yesterday Hans Solo asked if I wanted to come over today around 7. I didnt think he was serious so I said yea.

He was serious. Looks like Im having me a play date.

Id like to say Im just going over for biscuits and tea but we’re not exactly in England annnnnd I dont see that happening. Stay tuned to see how tonights shenanigans go.

Also, yesterday the Navy dude was being creepy as fuck so I started being myself, aka a bitch. He got mad and called me rude. So I told him the only reason I hung out with him was to sit on his dick before my date. (Yes, I had sex with him immediately before hanging out with another guy. Yes, I wouldve had sex with the 2nd dude had he tried. No, I dont care if youre judging me right now.)

I told him what I did with my life was no ones business but my own.

He said he respects my honesty and admitted he still wants me lmao.

We then sexted while he jacked off for me. I say for me cuz I told him to do it. I was just laying in bed drifting off to sleep already.

All hail the P



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