Spoiler alert

In Return of the Jedi, Han Solo & Leia live happily ever after. Han gets his girl. Or so Wikipedia says, Ive never seen it.

But this isnt a movie. This is reality. And so Hans Solo doesnt get the girl. Instead he does quite the opposite. He sees to it that she’ll never want to see him again.

Last night started off fine, Mr. Solo was even looking pretty handsome. After a while though I asked when his last relationship was. Normally I dont care. Im not actively trying to date anyone nor make anyone my boyfriend.

The reason I asked is because the first time I came by this dudes profile he had a picture of a girl kissing his cheek. Second time around the girl had been cropped out, resulting in an extreme closeup. This was over a few weeks maybe so it was obvious he was suddenly a scorned lover.

When I asked he said he had just broken up with his GF of a year a month ago. Not only is the wound still fresh, its still bleeding. When he saw my reaction, he changed it to 3 months.

I have learned time and time again to avoid dudes who have recently gotten out of or are getting out of relationships. They’re bad news. Just like that, theyll vanish the minute the ex comes back in to the picture, and she always does. Shit now that I think about it, its probably not that Carlsbad had another chick on the side, it was probably his ex! Lol

So already this dudes no bueno for me. Even though Im not trying to date him, I dont need to invest any time into this. I can find someone to have sex with who doesnt have baggage.

Speaking of sex.

Id decided I didnt want to have any yesterday. It had been a 15 hour day for me and I wasnt feeling totally fresh. Sometimes, who gives a shit, and sometimes, no thanks. Had I been in the mood or had he tried hard enough I probably wouldve caved. Up until the end, this dude was super touchy feely, extremely talkative and interested in everything I had to say, complimenting me left and right. As soon as I said I didnt want to have sex, this foo shut down and went to sleep. Im not talking like gradually drifted off, I mean like as soon as I said it he sat there offened, “Oh. I thought you wanted to and I was cool with it.” So my smartass told him I shouldve at least let him know beforehand so he’d have time to rescind his invitation. He closed his eyes and slept.

So I left.

Fuck you and anyone else who thinks I am here strictly for YOUR sexual pleasure. Your walk-on role in my life is no longer needed, so please see your way out.

Im done.

Im done with all the assholes, the douches, the creeps, the clingy ass motherfuckers, the guys with small dicks, the dudes who think theyre doing you a favor, the bitches who keep fucking with your feelings because theyre unsure of their own, the Dr. Phil ass wannabes who keep telling you what to do yet their love lifes shitter than yours, and most importantly, the misogynists.

Stay the hell away from me, each and every one of you.

I am MUCH better off on my own, thank you very much.

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