Whiskey dick

Sober I can do forevvvvvvver and a day without the desire for sex.

Add alcohol and I can go all of 5 minutes.

I finally got around to seeing Spidey last night. The sex between us was always incredible so I was beeeeeyond excited to finally sit on his dick. That and he was by far the best pussy eater Ive ever encountered so I cant say I wasnt looking forward to that either.

Life is pretty funny though.

When you expect nothing, you sometimes get waaaaay more than you even could have asked for.

When you expect something, it always goes to shit.

On the one hand, its been abt 2 years since I last saw him so hooray to introducing anal play without it being weird or awkward and him being totally into it.

Buuuuuut other than that, everything pretty much fell flat. The pussy eating was sub par. Not just for Spidey but for anyone.

And the cherry on top?

Limp dick.


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