Ive been MIA. I could say Ive been busy but thats baloney. Ive more time than I know what to do with.

Ive… just….given up.

That sounds way worse than it is. Ive simply stopped actively pursuing any guys and Ive also stopped allowing myself to be disrespected by simply making myself available for someone elses pleasure.

Sex is pleasurable. Definitely. But if I dont want it and do it anyway, who’s really benefitting here?

Id love to say I dont think about Carlsbad anymore but thats a lie. Its not as often anymore and Ive stopped cyberstalking him all day errrday.

We’re FB friends now. Still wont message me or respond to any texts but likes all my pictures and now, my statuses.


I dont know what his deal is but I dont even care enough to find out.

Abstinence and apathy sure dont make for interesting blog posts but they sure as hell make for better bed mates lol

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