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According to my posts July 10th was the last time I had sex.

It’s August 31st today.


It hasn’t felt like that long because I have been with dudes since then, just no sex. About a week after I initially hooked up with Hans Solo I went to see him again. We kissed. He fondled my boobs I think. I told him I didnt want to have sex, he got rude, and I left.

Sometime this month (or last) I also saw Spidey. We attempted to mess around and he couldnt get his dick up. He went down on me and gave my ladybits some fingerly love. It kinda sucked though so I told him to stop.

This last weekend I had a sleepover. With Carlsbad. As tempted as I was to sleep with him, I didnt. I shouldve though seeing as how I gave him a bj. Twice. And he gave my ladybits some finger loving too. I didnt ask him to stop.

So while Ive been completely lame, it hasnt been allllll bad. Just abt 90% bad haha.

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