Good intentions

I had sex with my coworker this week. The same one I kissed at a mutual coworkers party. And the same one I spent a work weekend away with and tried sucking face with every chance I got.

A few months back I had decided I was done with random sex and was gonna be celibate for a bit. After spending a day on our own ans nothing happening, I figured we were good and could behave ourselves. Im totally ok with just making out.

I invited myself along for sushi with him this week. I also told him Id prob try making out with him again. He gave me his address and told me to come on by. After a few rounds of sake we went back to his place where we filled up on some bubbly and wine. At some point it was decided I couldnt drive and I was going to stay the night. I didnt want to sleep in jeans and his shorts werent gng to fit me so I asked if it was cool if I slept in my undies.

I wasnt coyly trying to seduce him, I was trying to be comfortable.

That lasted all of 5 minutes because off came my underwear. As I sat there sans undies I said it wasnt fair that I was the only one without underwear so off came his.

Im sure I dont have to tell you what happened next. I can honestly sit here and say I didnt see it coming. I wasnt against it happening and I definitely dont regret it.

It was nice. Real nice. Just thinking about it makes me want to bury his face between my thighs again.

I tried sneaking out at 6 so I could go home and shower before work. I had gotten dressed and gathered all my things without waking him so you can imagine my startling surprise when I heard “Bye” as I tried turning the door handle.

We both made it to work ok and managed to get through the week without anyone knowing and without any awkwardness.

We’re gng away on another work trip this coming weekend with 2 other coworkers. One who knows we’ve made out and is conpletely obsessed with him and another who works directly with him and hasnt the slightest idea.

This should be interesting.

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