I know I used to post so much more on here and I was probably a bajillion times more interesting.

My apologies.

Aside from the now two times Ive slept with my coworker (unprotected I might mention. Yikes!) I havent dated or slept with anyone in quite some time.

I tried Tinder again last night. That lasted for all of 5 minutes. Im so much more interested in meeting someone and doing absolutely nothing with them much more so than randomly hooking up with anyone.

I didnt think “Hey, lets hang out and NOT have sex” would attract a whole lot of attention so I promptly deleted my account.

The same dude that insulted me last week (see previous post) also was kind enough to tell me that I was 29 and still single and that it was all my fault. I had to take responsibility for the douches in my life and for the fact that they were douchey toward me. Yup. Carlsbad now making his 6th appearance in my life to tell me he misses me only to dissappear 3 weeks later?

Totally my fault.

Yes, I am aware that because I allow this ridiculous behavior, he continues doing it. For that I will take ownership. But for his shitty attitude in general? Not my doing.

If I need to take responsibility for my love life, so be it.

Im single as fuck and totally ok with it. Impending doom need not apply.

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