Recycling sex partners

Why is it that men always find a way back into my life. If you stopped talking to me once, why am I supposed to believe you’ve changed your mind and come to your senses and now would like to be in my life?

I see right through you. You want to have sex with me. Your random texts aren’t going to convince me that you’re intetested in more than just sex, I know that’s all you want. I wasn’t born yesterday.

How hard is it for someone to just come out and say it.

“We should catch up!”
“I miss you. Send me a picture so I can see your beautiful face.”
“I miss our intellectual conversations, we should hang out again!”
“I remember having so much fun the last time we hung out, let’s meet up!”

All of that basically means = I’ll be nice so you can hang out with me. Then we can have sex. Then I will remember how “busy” I am and ignore you all over again.

Yes, I realize that so long as I let these dumbasses back in my life, theyre going to keep doing it. Over and over again.

See: Carlsbad.

Thanks to Tinder, I’ve recently encountered a guy I slept with 3 years ago. Of course he wants to hang out. Of course he wants to have sex.


I’m still pretty much over sex at this point so if Im going to have any, Id rather have sex with someone Ive slept with before instead of jacking up my numbers.

I have no interest in doing so though.

Hans Solo has been messaging me for about 2-3 weeks now. I have no interest in seeing him.

Tinder rekindling has been messaging me for about 2 weeks now too. I also have no interest in seeing him.

Carlsbad has now stopped messaging me. He got what he wanted. We had sex and I sucked his dick about 3 times in our 1 sleepover. He should be good for a few weeks. Im sure he’ll reach out again soon to tell me how much he “misses” me.

I could make plans with these boys and then never show. Once I start getting calls and texts asking me where I am, I can stay silent. After standing them up I can then ask them how they like being on the receiving end of silence.

But Im not 12 and I dont need to do anything that low. Im not vindictive and I dont hold grudges.

I guess I can just give them the courtesy they never gave me and simply tell them, Im not interested.

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