Ni come, ni deja comer


That’s all I want to know.

If Carlsbad doesn’t want to pursue anything with me, WHY doesn’t he leave me the hell alone. And if he is as interested as he says he is, then WHY the hell does he ghost every other week.

After my post the other day about telling these guys I wasn’t interested, I had decided I simply was going to ignore Carlsbad. No need to be rude but just let it be known that I wasn’t going to play along anymore.

Then yesterday he started following me on Instagram.

It’s not a big deal. My life does not revolve around social media. However, let it be known that since this whole rollercoaster started, we have friended/unfriended, followed/unfollowed, and blocked each other from just about every single social media account possible.  I’ve lost count. I just unblocked him from my personal FB account a few days ago and Im still blocked from his Snapchat.

This is all incredibly stupid I know.

Here’s what drives me nuts though. He’ll go through his silent treatments, and then when he wants to reach back out again, he’ll start liking all my social media activity.

If that’s his way of testing the waters, let me just say that all he does is rile the waters terribly.

What kind of sick, cyberstalker shit is this!?

Either tell me what you want or leave me be! I’ve had enough of the uncertainty and the yo-yo’ing. How am I ever supposed to move on if all this dude ever does is loosen up the line only to reel me back in!!! Do people take some sort of sick pleasure in doing this to others or is he really that unsure of what the hell he wants.

Please universe, guide me away from this dudes path. It’s not fair and frankly, I just can’t do this anymore.

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