Ill have my birth control with a side of nonstop bleeding please

Ok, that title may have been a bit much.

I went back on birth control after a few too many close calls. As life would have it, I have had not sex at all since then. Which is pretty much the number 1 reason I was opposed to even being on bc in the first place.

I dont have sex.

I know this blog would say otherwise but aside from the string of hookups last year, I’m actually pretty abstinent. Im not against sex or anything, its pretty awesome. I just am over the random hookups and the booty calls and the one-night stands.

Anyhow this wasnt the point of this post. Birth control is to prevent an unplanned birth from unprotected sex. Which we’ve now established Im not having any of.

Im not into putting hormones in my body if I dont need to. And now on top of that, Ive been spotting pretty much nonstop for the past month.

First month = no period.
Second month = kiss all your underwear goodbye.

Its never enough to merit actually inserting a tampon (or so I think) and then suddenly every day every single pair of underwear is ruined. Even if I wanted to wear tampons just to be on the safe side, I wouldve contracted a serious case of TSS already! And dont even get me started on pads. (Complete sidenote, Ive recently found mooncups! Looks very hippyish to me BUT Im definitely intrigued)

Ive been wanting to schedule a pap for a while now but how can I? I get that the gyno must be used to it and its not like shes going in bare handed but still!

A bunch of women online seem to have the same issue, in some cases worse, but its just not worth it to me.

IM NOT HAVING SEX! Can someone explain why the hell Im bleeding day after day simply for the convienance of having unprotected sex for the guys sake if and when I ever do decide to have sex?!


Id schedule an appt but Im so busy at work that I cant afford to take time off and god forbid that any businesses decide to stay open outside business hours. How do people ever get anything done?!

I know this sounds like a rant but its not.

Spotting is just killing my nonexistent underwear game.

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2 thoughts on “Ill have my birth control with a side of nonstop bleeding please

  1. It doesn’t sound like giving up condoms is worth the torture you’re going through! Guys need to wrap it and if they complain show them the way out!


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