About moi

You can call me Barbara. Or maybe even Rebekah. I don’t  care. Truth be told, neither is my name and none of the names I’ll use on here are what they really are anyway. Unless I slip up and forget. Sorry Bobby.

The anonymity used on this site is more for the people I’ve written about, than for me. This isn’t a blog dedicated to calling out anybody, merely to highlight my experiences in my quest through the bedrooms of the world in the hopes of finding someone to unapologetically have Netflix marathons with.

Anywhoo, I really do the need the D. 5000 IU’s, twice a day. Hahaha I’m deficient in Vitamin D, you dirty-minded individual you! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it. No need for me to lie or exaggerate, at least until I start getting sued, then I’ll just say this was all made up anyway.



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