Just The Tip

A while back I used to host a sex talk radio show called Just The Tip. I’ve gone ahead and pulled the archives for the shows I could find so you can give them a listen any time you want.

Some of these I don’t remember the topic discussed so I may have made the title up hahaha. Feel free to skip through the first 5-7 minutes of each show.


Sex Myths (9/23/12)

Living Arrangements in College & Sex (9/30/12)

Baby Making Music & LGBTQ (10/7/2012)

Fetishes (10/14/12)

Oral Sex (11/4/2012) Also, on this show we talked about an article, read it here: The VICE Guide To Eating Pussy

Dinosaurs go vegan (2/24/13)

Regenerative Foreskins & Forever Alone (3/3/2013) *Don’t skip the first few minutes.

Cupcake monster declares war on America (3/10/2013)

Escorts & Strippers (3/31/2013)

Ninja Turtles Lose Their Halfshell (4/4/2013)

I Slept With A Pornstar (4/7/2013)

Sex Phobias (4/11/2013)

That Time Someone Got Peed On (4/14/2013)

Sexuality & Gender (4/28/2013)

Loneliness & Intimacy (5/5/2013)

Apple Pie Is Yummy (5/12/2013)

College Confessions (5/19/2013)






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