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Oxes and carts

I go through phases in which I want every guy in sight and then phases of being a hermit. It’s safe to say I’m currently going through the latter.

Spidey‘s back in town. Besides the initial post I made about him, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned him.

A few years back we had this weird pseudo relationship. It went on for about a year or so. I moved away but we kept talking and I’d see him whenever I was in town. This went on until he moved to another country. Two years ago. In those two years, I’ve probably exchanged hellos with him less than five times. We weren’t even FB friends anymore. No bad blood between us, we just had our own lives to live.

I kinda figured he’d be in town this summer and thought since I am currently unattached, I wouldn’t mind seeing him.

None of this is emotional.

The sex with Spidey was probably the best sex I’ve ever had in my life. We never did anything out of the ordinary and I’d say the majority of it was probably just standard ol’ missionary. But the chemistry between our bodies was insane. There was just this ridiculous passion and desire between us, we just had to have each other at that moment. He is also probably the only dude that has made me cum just about every single time. We had sex. A fuckload of sex. And I’d say the success rate was about 99.9%, there were only a few times where it was kinda lame, and I’d dare to say it was only about 3-4 times iiiiiif that.

Now that he’s back we’ve already gotten in touch and let it be known that we’re both down to go at it again. Hell, I’ve been thinking about him for at least the past month now wondering when he’d show back up. But now that I know he’s around, I’m not exactly jumping at the opportunity.

Of all the guys I’ve ever had in my life, I probably threw the most shit at this guy. And he was definitely the least deserving. The fact that he even talks to me still speaks volumes of him.

I first met this guy when I was 4. We were in kinder together, up until 3rd grade then he moved away. Thanks to Facebook we reconnected 17 years later. I moved away the following year, about 9 hours away, but I’d still see him every couple of months or so. Then, two years ago, he moved to China and that’s where he’ll be heading after his month here is up.

I say we had a pseudo relationship because never has a relationship been so much about the sex, yet not about it at all. God. Just writing about this dude is bringing up a bunch of stuff that I had forgotten about.


I’m gonna quit now while I’m still ahead.


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