The Contender

Ladies and gentlemen, this dude is giving everyone a run for their money. And the funniest thing is, he isn’t even trying.

I met this guy on Tinder, the first time I had my account. We talked for a bit. By bit we got as far as where we lived and that was it. In online dating, that’s usually a message or two in. Talk about a charmer.

Second time I had my Tinder account, I made my way through a plethora of familiar faces all over again. And there was his. Of course, I liked his picture again, why not, maybe this time he’d say more than just hey.

I messaged him and what do you know, he actually responded. Not only that he had made himself quite familiar with whatever pictures I had up because he noticed I was missing one the second time around.

*Insert “Not sure if I should be flattered or creeped out” meme*

I  gave him my number and we’ve been talking ever since. In the online world, it’s been eons. In the real world, it’s been a week. Maybe two. I don’t know actually, I have a horrible sense of time.

He actually seems like a really sweet guy. I’m not saying that because he’s trying to woo the pants off me. He’s not trying anything actually, hell he doesn’t even say much to begin with. The little he has said however, has interested me far more than anything I’ve seen or heard so far, both online and in the bedroom.

I won’t say much yet so I don’t spoil it. That and if tomorrow tanks, I won’t have wasted much time describing someone I’d only ever want to see once.

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